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​Cuthbert Snagg: Sailor,

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on and for Carriacou,

simply because he believes

in focusing on the basics, and taking a patient approach to life.

By more than a few accounts he is a living legend with his tireless devotion to Carriacou. He helps maintain the port beacons. He has been recognized and awarded many times and in fact he was Greanada’s youngest recipient (at that time) of an MBE for environmental work in 1991. Oh yes, and he cooks a mean lobster. And that is the short story.

Born in Hillsoborough, Carriacou, Cuthbert spent his childhood on the sea, and protecting the beaches and shorelines of Carriacou. Cuthbert walks Hillsborough beach early every morning picking up garbage, and he admits that the Carricaou schools seem to be more involved in helping to clean the beaches and Sandy Island as well.

He is a firm believer in teaching what he knows, so he uses every occasion to pass on his knowledge to interested children on how to sail, which at times is challenging with only one boat to share with them.

Noah, his son, sails as well. He is an able teacher of younger children who wish to learn to sail, and by all accounts is an excellent tour guide. Cuthbert proudly admits that Noah does a better job. Cuthbert has sailed and placed high in model boat races held during the then Easter Water Parades…older Grenadians know about this. Cuthbert can explain what this is when you visit.

Snagg also makes model boats in the hope of generating interest (and sales) in the model boat race segment of the annual regatta. That is the teacher in him. It is a very good thing that Cuthbert and the sea are on good terms. Carriacou has no stationed coast guard, so when someone is in trouble at sea it is usually Cuthbert to the rescue.

He organizes itineraries and personally shuttles excursions to the Grenadines and outer islands to fish and dive, and to see dolphins, whales, flying fish and nurse sharks along the way.  His groups night dive around waters at Jack Adam Island, about half mile off Carriacou, where blowfish, lobster, worms, rays and efflorescing creatures make for an interesting night out.

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Snagg Tours is available to tour individuals and groups, or provide services, to any of the island in the map above.

Carriacou is reputed to be the friendliest, healthiest and safest island in the Caribbean. Carriacou's Pierrot, or Shakespeare Mas, is originally from Bogles.

Carriacou is home to 8,000 people. The capital city is Hillsborough, the only town or city in Carriacou. The rest of Carriacou settlements are very small villages.

Noteworthy beaches in Carriacou include Paradise Beach and Anse La Roche. European (English or French) dances, such as the Quadrille, are still popular on the island today. The Big Drum dance is the most popular dance on the island and is performed on a special occasions.

Cuthbert Snagg

​Check out in Carriacou. We have known Cuthbert Snagg for quite a few years, and he is a very honest and reliable person.

He will take you to Tobago Cays, pack you a lunch and do whatever you want.

A great guy! By the way, he makes a mean rum punch! Tell him Tuck and Sandra referred you to him.

Main Street, Hillsborough, Carriacou, Grenada


8 January 2016

It's a tremendous pleasure to recommend Mr. Cuthbert Snagg, MBE, of Hillsborough, Carriacou, Grenada, as the finest skipper, knowledgeable guide to the local islands, chef and provisioner, hiking companion and all-round host for all that Carriacou and its people offer—that any visitor to the island could hope to meet.  Over 25 years ago, I was most fortunate to engage Cuthbert as field assistant when carrying out field work from Carriacou to Canouan over a three-month stay.  Working with him all day six days a week through that time gave me an impression of his abilities, character and conduct.  Much of the success of the field studies was owing to Cuthbert's extensive network of island acquaintances, his familiarity with the whole of Carriacou, his seaman's skills already in practise with his boat 'Victory' at that time, his perseverance and willingness to venture anywhere that would benefit the study (unless he knew some place might hold danger for us), his intuition of people's needs and his efforts for preparedness and follow-through.  To say Cuthbert is conscientious would be an understatement, as he sees and plans well ahead of immediate circumstances. 

Cuthbert is enterprising and very professional in all ways on the creative career path he has followed for over three decades now, participating in numerous facets of Carriacou's developing wonderful eco-tourism potential.  He has played an important role in helping this community vision come to fruition.  He dedicated, for example, great amounts of time and labor to maintaining and showcasing Sandy Island, contributing to his being made MBE.  Working with Frances Brinkley and Carriacou Historical Society as they explored and excavated numerous archaeological sites around the island, Cuthbert learned about its pre-history adding to his comprehensive island knowledge which enables him to interest the visitor in many facets of the natural and human history of Carriacou. 

Whether it's operating a boat tour for snorkeling and diving on the many reefs and at Sandy and other islands, ascending the peaks of High North and Chapeau Carre for their unparalleled Grenadine views,  hiking to wildlife sanctuaries and prehistoric sites of interest, or preparing a day's provisions or perhaps a local feast for you, Cuthbert now draws on over 30 years of such experience and attends to the details of an occasion that make it a rewarding, memorable experience of fun and discovery.  Any tourists looking to enjoy and learn about the local culture, the water sports, the beaches and reefs, the guesthouses and dining, the natural beauty of flora and fauna, and the archeology of Carriacou and surrounding islands will find Cuthbert enthusiastic with a far-reaching network, myriad skills and sophisticated local knowledge to craft a delightful visitor experience on Carriacou, the most delightful of islands, and beyond.  If you are going to Carriacou, be sure to engage Cuthbert's services through Snagg Tours ( on Main Street in Hillsborough, for an unforgettable experience.

Pamela Smith, PhD
Dryden NY