Carriacou is known as the "Isle of Reefs", and features some of the most unspoiled coral reefs in the region. Most diving takes place on the calmer Caribbean side of the island, where 33 dive sites suitable for all levels of divers can be found. Depths range from 12m/40ft down to a maximum of 30m/100 ft. Visibility is good throughout the year, with excellent opportunities for underwater photography.

All of Carriacou's dive sites boast a spectacular arrays of vibrant corals and schooling fish that have made the Caribbean a famous diving hotspot. Dive sites range from the tranquil and sheltered for beginners and UW photography enthusiasts to fast drifts for those that love a challenge. Carriacou also features two wreck dives: the Westsider and Boris tug boats, both 30m/100ft long, which were sunk as artificial wrecks for divers in 2004 and 2007 respectively.

As well as all the usual Caribbean reef fish, large nurse sharks, barracudas, Southern & roughtail stingrays, as well as spotted eagle rays, hawksbill and green turtles are frequently sighted. During the summer months spectacular schools of silversides may be seen. During late spring humpback whales migrate past the island, and their song can be heard by scuba divers from a long way off.

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